What people are saying about Network Zoo

Kelowna’s favourite IT & Computer Services team is taking a bite out of your network issues


“I was afraid to upgrade all the computers in the office due to cost and the fear that it wasn’t going to be easy. Gord let us know exactly what to expect at a price that was reasonable. He never made us feel that there was a bad question and spent the time telling us how to fix little “hiccups” that we had often experienced in the past so that they wouldn’t phase us in the future. He is always available when we need him and has never disappointed us in the excellence he delivers. We have enjoyed working with him and even though it was a process that I do not wish to repeat, he made it as easy as I could have possibly hoped for. My highest recommendations to anyone looking for great care for their computer systems.”

Dr Kimberly Eek
Strong Roots Dental

“When we were designing our clinic, we needed someone with a team that could design/setup and maintain a computer network for an advanced clinic. Gord Hynes (Network Zoo) and his support group (Strategic Alliance of Business Technology Disciplines) were the perfect match for our needs. They provided the needed elements based on our consultation and, quite frankly, it was seamless and effortless. The system has worked perfectly since day one. Any queries we had were promptly and efficiently resolved. I can highly recommend Gord and his group for anyone who needs a system that works and accessible support when needed.”

Dr Brad Almond
Nuvue Optometry

“As an engineering consulting firm, we live and die by our ability to process information, and that means we’re heavily invested in computer hardware/software to enable us to do our thing.  Ensuring we have equipment and software appropriate to our needs, and available for upgrading as necessary, has been Gord’s job for some time now. 

This is not an easy profession that Gord has chosen, keeping clients happy when the battleground is the problematic world of IT.  People absolutely depend on their IT working, and they get pretty irate pretty quickly when things don’t work as they should.  Gord keeps us from getting to dangerous stress levels because he’s almost always available to us quickly, and he knows his stuff cold.  I know we’re not his only client, but he still makes us feel like we are, and that’s pretty special.  I’d recommend Gord to anyone, but won’t, because we’re possessive, and we don’t like sharing…  Gord’s the best!”

Jim Mahannah
CorWil Technologies Ltd