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Network Consulting IT services in Kelowna, BC.

I assist customers in planning, implementing and supporting networking solutions and can help you build, extend, or upgrade your network.

  • Assessment & Analysis

Analyzing your system is the first step towards necessary system improve­ments and iden­ti­fying any areas of weakness or vulner­a­bility which could adversely affect the overall func­tioning, reli­a­bility and security of a computer system.

  • Network Design

From the initial design of your network through post-implementation support, every step of the process aims to provide you with a smooth tran­sition to a secure and reliable network.

  • Support

Network Zoo provides flexible maintenance services to fit your business needs. I focus on integrating robust systems that allow a good ROI on the initial systems and reduce unnecessary spending.

  • Datacenter Networks

At Network Zoo, we offer design, implement and support systems to meet your data storage, data retrieval, disaster recovery and business conti­nuity requirements.

  • Cloud Email & Exchange

For many business', email is one of the most critical tools. From Microsoft Exchange to Cloud, Network Zoo ensures you're always online.

  • Disaster Recovery

Whether you need to recover a lost file or an entire office's network, I can help with a wide range of solu­tions based on your business requirements.

Business' don’t want to have to think about their computer systems. They just want them to run — Fast and efficiently.